Moving your concepts and dreams toward production and fabrication of solid functional items!

Entrepreneurs and businesses work with me to help apply their concept to paper and then to final product. Using proven processes for modeling and design, I can help to develop the ideal creation to best serve your market and help pave the way to a successful project.

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Most Recent Project

Automobile Design And Ergonomics Study

One of many projects assigned to the students in college. This illustrates a free exercise in function, form and ergonomics. The car required  a short wheel base and was propelled by either an electric motor ...

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Catamaran Fishing Platform And Bulwarks Pg. 3

A perspective drawing with a layout of the bulwarks to be added on top of the existing structure of the catamaran is shown here. The drawing illustrates to the client how the door swings open ...

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Catamaran Fishing Platform And Bulwarks Pg. 2

More often then not it is required of the designer or engineer to provide section drawings or cut-away drawings to show the inner composition of the part or whole assemblies to be made. Section drawings ...

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