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Steve Skultety

The Creative Mind

The digital age is here and I have been helping innovators and inventors with the “Design Process” to plan and develop their creations using a variety of digital media. I provide the digital tools needed to further the design and engineering that may be required to finalize the product and to produce 3-D printed and C.N.C. models.

If you have an idea or creation inside your head that needs to be revealed on paper and revised to make exacting the size, shape, function and usage then I have the skill and talent to make it happen.

I am mechanically minded and always have had an appreciation of form combined with mechanical function. Product design allows me to exercise those key elements toward helping my clients turn their vision into reality.

I have a bachelors degree in Industrial Design Technology from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and over twenty years of experience in the Industrial design industry. I’m a full time freelance Industrial Designer serving inventors and clients who desire to get their ideas out of their head. I help them to render their ideas on paper or in CAD drawings and 3-D models.

Steve Skultety

Curriculum vitae

Full Name

Steve Skultety


Boynton Beach, Florida


Superior skills in Rhinoceros, AutoDesk CAD, Alias Wavefront, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator software applications. Conventional media including Pencil Hand-Sketching, Marker Composition, Scratch-build prototype modeling and Fine Art including airbrush illustration, oil and acrylic painting. I am an innovative thinker and highly creative with strong interpersonal and organizational skills. I am able to manage timely completion and accuracy of projects, whether collaborative or independent and maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

Education, Awards, and Service

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, B.A., Industrial Design (1995-1999)
Received top honors for Best Portfolio.

South Carolina Technical Institute (1991-1992)
Received certificate in computer aided Drafting.

United States Air Force, Sumter, SC (1985-1995)
Supervised and trained airmen to higher competency and skill to perform maintenance of various aircraft. During the Persian Gulf War I assisted in a team effort to launch 75 fully-armed aircraft to Iraq. Received top honors in excellence award "Best Tactical Fighter Wing".

Freelance Clients

Paul B. / The Acti Group,
Redesigned the superstructure and interior and developed a new form of propulsion using personal water crafts I also replaced gas with electric outboard engines. Layouts and profiles of the interior were developed using CAD and Rhinoceros.

Nicholas H. / C&L Aviation Services,
Rendered a series of versions of a Beechcraft A36 interior for the company's clients. The freehand pen and marker renderings displayed colors, textures and architectural styling of the interior components and textiles. The owner signed off one of the designs to build.

David W. / Winners Circle,
Assisted in development of the function and ergonomics of a medical body lift to be used by nurses to prop up a patient's body when laying on the hospital bed.

BAM Energy Group,
Provided preliminary solar panel layouts to the sales department to illustrate to potential clients the kilowatts available for energy savings and estimate of cost to build.

Jerry W. / Solar Oil Inc.,
Designed an inflatable, modular and pallet able solar panel to be used in many different environments and applications. He is still in the design and engineering process.

Jerry W.,
Helped create and design a deployable flow battery system to be used by the military and residential applications. The system provides a clean source of electric power to replace and add power to the local and nationwide electric grid system.

Bennett Marine,
Provided aesthetic variations of actuators and transom live hinges / brackets to be manufactured and marketed.

Cap Case,
Designed a show case enclosure for individual baseball style caps.

Antonio B.,
Assisted in the design of a new set of musician's glasses to be marketed to a high end client base. Prototyping and a manufacturing source is completed, he is currently looking to market it.

Shawn H. - Assisted in the design of a multi wheel lug driver to be used on a vehicle for private use to safely remove and replace a wheel and flat tire. Engineering of the design is being accomplished by the client.

Priska D. / Bittylab,
Assisted in the redesign of a particular line of baby bottle nipples and caps to capture a more natural ergonomic relationship between the baby and the bottle. This is manufactured and marketed.

Phil G. / Flav-It,
Developed the design of a flavor bottle holder to be attached to a large water bottle distributed by the major water companies. The bottle holder enables the user to select four different flavor bottle options to use to flavor their drink. The client is currently looking to manufacture and market.

Work History

Roscioli International, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL (2009-2011)
Industrial Designer / Marine Design
I'm currently working with this company on an "as needed" basis as a freelance designer.

BE Aerospace, Hialeah, FL (2007-2008)
Interior Components Design Engineer.

Jamestown Marine Interiors, Inc., Boca Raton, FL (2006-2007)
Marine Interior Design Engineer.

Roscioli International. Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL (1999-2006)
Industrial Designer / Marine Design.