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Digitizing your creation

The importance of drawing the sketch or compilation of renderings to scale and proportion with accuracy is beneficial to on going design modification or finalization of the product to be manufactured.

Computer Generated Modeling

Converting 2-D drawings into 3-D shapes

This is the last step to the design process of sketching, rendering, making a decision of the best version of designs to finalize before starting CAD development. This step involves constructing the CAD drawing characteristics into a 3 dimensional object. The model can be used for advertising, marketing, exhibiting, presentations, 3-D printing, CNC machining and further engineering development.

Presentation Illustration

Showboat your idea, invention and product

If you need help laying down a good graphic layout for presentation purposes of your invention to pitch to a company or investors I can accomplish the task. Your model, drawings and sketches can be mixed together with assorted graphics to educate and impress the people you are making the pitch to.

Invention Design And Development

Make your idea real

I have the experience and design aptitude to carry your invention to the end using the design process to make something you can have and hold and work with.