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What People Are Saying…

“Steve went above and beyond to help bring my idea to life. He identified potential flaws and offered a range of possible solutions. He is creative, knowledgeable, and dedicated to getting the job done right. He is always accessible and you can tell he really enjoys the work. The result was a full set of CAD drawings and 3D models of every version we discussed as well as additional versions of the product that he thought could work as well. I would not have been able to get my idea off the ground without Steve.” Brandon Levitt, Inventor

“The designs he creates are truly magical. Steve has given me many designs which I feel would be the right fit for the cover of Popular Science or Popular Mechanics Magazines. Steve’s designs bring my ideas to life and his visual presentations since he is able to easily understand my vision he has saved me countless hours with my other team members.”  Jerry W.

“Steve listens to what I need and asks questions which I never thought of; all of which greatly enhance my designs. He is willing to take risks by thinking ‘outside the box’. Steve is much more than just a designer; he is a valuable consultant. I get more benefit from his participation than other designers I’ve worked with in the past.” Paul S.

“Through the expert use of the tools of his trade, Steve Skultety has developed superb detailed overhead perspective drawings for our company. On every occasion he has met the urgent completion times required. I have seen drawings and models he has done for companies in other fields too and am very impressed with the range of his abilities.” Dave M.

“Steve has helped our company enhance our business development efforts by providing high quality and visually pleasing solar system designs. His ability to adapt to our industry specific design needs, his quick turnaround time, and his affordable rates make him the only designer we work with. We confidently recommend Steve’s work to anyone seeking design work in any field.” Barry C.

“Working with Steve was a pleasure, I was surprised how easily he took my sketch and turned it into a work of art. He won my loyalty.”  David G.